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Glass wool is an insulating material made from fibres of glass arranged using a binder into a texture similar to wool. The process traps many small pockets of air between the glass, and these small air pockets result in high thermal insulation properties

Our Customers

Residential Buildings

Sipla Glass Wool is used extensively in Cavity Wall Insulation, Underdeck Insulation and Internal Wall (Sandwich Panel) Insulation.

PEB Industry

Sipla Fiber Glass Insulation has been widely used in the PEB industry in India because of its good thermal and acoustic insulation properties and non combustibility.

Automobile Industry

Sipla Loose and Resin Bonded Glass Wool has been used extensively in vehicular exhaust systems for LCVs, cars, trucks, motorcyles and scooters.

Acoustic Insulation

Sipla Glass Wool has been widely used for Acoustic Insulation in Home Theaters, Auditoriums and partition walls.

Electrical Goods

Sipla Glass Wool has also been used extensively for consumer electrical goods and solar heaters.

Portable Cabins

Sipla Glass Wool has been expertised in designing portable office cabins and stores.

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